Sunday, 22 February 2015

Accidental modesty

I've worn trousers most of my life. When I was four, my mother was trying to get me to wear a skirt, so put all my trousers in the wash, thinking that would get me in a skirt.

(I refused to go out until I got my trousers back)

I'm gradually increasing my observance(I view it as a spectrum, right across all the threads of Judaism) and the other day had a little lightbulb moment.

  I bought a long denim skirt(eBay. With the exception of underwear and footwear, I buy clothes secondhand, charity shops - though with agoraphobia, that's not so easy. Hence....eBay!) and I really like wearing it.

 And today, the phrase"accidental modesty" popped into my mind....that's how the skirt feels.  I know I'll not be a skirt only wearer, but it was a pleasant and inspiring 59, I grew up with mini skirts and was a very....flamboyant?....dresser. Too much to go into here and now, but these days I dress for no one but myself.

Finding my way, step by step. Like putting together a jigsaw of myself....still the same pieces, but on the other side: same puzzle, just a different view. It's proving to be surprisingly interesting along the way.


  1. I lived in jeans and trousers except at work, when the dress code insisted on skirts - we were in a call centre, who was going to see us?? - but after I got ill and then developed lymphodema, it was almost impossible to find trousers to fit. I've happily worn full length skirts (and the odd ballerina-length one) ever since, having discovered that I am warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than I ever was in jeans. Plus, I don't have to lie on the floor to zip up a skirt :)

  2. "Accidental modesty". I love that. It describes my dress style, too. I love long skirts. One day I thought, hey, I can handle a long skirt in dance class, so why not in real life, too? While I do not wear long skirts in winter (too much snow, where I live), each spring I wait for the warm weather to come, so I can pull out my skirts and long dresses.